Late last year we announced a new family of Flatcar Container Linux offerings, called Flatcar Container Linux Pro, a marketplace-delivered, cloud-optimized version of our well known Flatcar Container Linux solution. It’s ideal for production container environments requiring the highest performance, security and support.

Being cloud-optimized means that our Flatcar Container Linux Pro offerings come with additional features, specific to each cloud provider. This allows our customers to make the most out of their cloud instances, while building on a common base OS that can run anywhere.

We have now launched Flatcar Pro in the AWS Marketplace , which you can start using today on your AWS instances running container workloads.

Capture of the Flatcar Pro for AWS offering in the AWS Markteplace

When creating Launch Templates, you can look for the Flatcar Pro AMIs delivered through the Marketplace, or if you use terraform templates, you can use the ‘Flatcar-pro’ prefix to query the Flatcar Pro AMIs.

As our first differentiating feature, Flatcar Container Linux Pro for AWS comes with out-of-the-box support for using Flatcar on your Amazon EKS workers (check out our Flatcar workers on EKS blog post for all the details on how to do this). In upcoming releases we’ll keep adding more differentiating features, including built-in drivers for GPU instances and FIPS support to meet compliance requirements.

All our Pro offerings also come with commercial support from Kinvolk. At a small fraction of your infrastructure costs you can have the peace of mind of running a commercially supported OS, that delivers the features you need on the platform of your choice. If you run into trouble while using Flatcar, we are there to help!

And as we continue to expand these offerings, we’ll keep adding new specially tailored features. We’re interested in hearing from our customers regarding which features they are most looking forward to, let us know if there’s a feature you’d like for us to work on in the near future!

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