We build Linux technologies

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We're core contributors to rkt, the security-first container runtime from our friends @ CoreOS

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CoreOS strives for the highest technical standards in our open source projects, and the developers at Kinvolk have consistently met and surpassed these standards. Kinvolk's expertise in modern Linux technologies was the reason we wanted to work with them to help us build rkt, the security-first app container runtime. The expansive technical depth of the Kinvolk team has helped ensure that rkt is optimally integrated with the core Linux technologies rkt relies on, such as systemd and the kernel itself.

We work closely with the systemd team to make sure client projects integrate well with modern Linux systems

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Our team works with the kernel community to improve Linux for clients... and everyone.

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What we do

We are operating system experts

At Kinvolk we take a holistic view of your product; the app(s) you build and everything on top of which it runs. Kinvolk achieves this full-stack view by applying our experience in key projects and technologies that are central to all modern Linux systems.

Of course you’re building your product on top of Linux

But are you sure you’re getting the most out of it? Kinvolk’s team has years of experience bending Linux to our will. And where Linux doesn’t bend, we create a solution and get that work upstream where it can benefit from community involvement.

We strengthen your engineering team by becoming a part of it

The development process is as much social as technical. Kinvolk not only brings its expert technical knowledge to your project, it also strives to enhance the development experience in your team by improving communication and sharing knowledge.