100% Open Source
Cloud-Native Infrastructure

Flatcar Container Linux

The community’s favorite Container Linux


Self-hosted security-centric Kubernetes

Cloud-native experience

Cloud-native experience, from kernel to cluster


Open-source engineering and technology innovation

Continuing the Kinvolk mission as part of Microsoft

Same team, different company.

From inception, Kinvolk has been committed to building and improving open source Linux and cloud native technologies. We continue that mission as a team within the Microsoft Azure organization.

Open Source, always


Driven by collaboration

Flatcar Container Linux

A community Linux distribution designed for container workloads, with high security and low maintenance

Secure by Design

Immutable filesystem, minimal footprint, automated security updates are just some of the built-in security features

Built for Containers

The OS image shipped includes just the minimal amount of tools to run container workloads.

Automated Updates

Keep your cluster secure by always running an OS with the latest security updates and features


A self-hosted, security-centric and composable Kubernetes distribution for bare-metal and cloud platforms

Fully self-hosted

All Kubernetes components run in Kubernetes, making Kubernetes updates as simple as application updates

Focused on security

With Lokomotive, security is a forethought. We package and integrate best-in-class security tools and practices

Modular design

Lokomotive can run as a full-stack Kubernetes cluster atop Flatcar Container Linux or on a managed Kubernetes offering