Flatcar Container Linux Pro for Google Cloud

The ideal OS for production container environments on GCP

Flatcar Container Linux Pro for Google Cloud, available in the Google Cloud Marketplace , is an optimized version of Flatcar Container Linux. Ideal for production container environments requiring the highest performance, security and support.

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Built-in drivers for GPU-enabled instance types.

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Optional support for Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS), to enable organizations to meet security compliance requirements.



Flatcar Pro follows Flatcar Container Linux release versions and is delivered to the Stable and Beta channels.



All Pro images come with standard support provided by Kinvolk.



Prices start at $0.01 per core per hour.


At a small fraction of your infrastructure costs you can have the peace of mind of running a commercially supported OS, that delivers the features you need on the platform of your choice.

Instance Cores RAM Infrastructure Cost Flatcar Pro Cost Total Hourly Total Monthly
DS1 1 3.5 GB $0.077 $0.010 $0.087 $64.728
D2SV3 2 8 GB $0.110 $0.020 $0.130 $96.720
E2SV3 2 16 GB $0.146 $0.020 $0.166 $123.504
D4SV3 4 16 GB $0.220 $0.040 $0.260 $193.440
E4SV3 4 32 GB $0.292 $0.040 $0.332 $247.008
F8SV2 8 16 GB $0.408 $0.060 $0.468 $348.192
D16SV3 16 64 GB $0.880 $0.080 $0.960 $714.240

Which one is the right version for me?

Flatcar Flatcar Pro for Google Cloud Flatcar LTS for Google Cloud
Container optimized OS including a minimal image and immutable file-system
Built-in security features and automatic updates
Standard Commercial Support by Kinvolk
FIPS support to meet security compliance requirements
Cadence for new major releases 2 months 2 months 12 months
Timespan for security updates Until next release Until next release 18 months
Built-in drivers for GPU-enabled instance types, enabling access to accelerated graphics hardware for workloads such as machine learning

Enterprises that require 24x7 support can set up a direct support agreement with Kinvolk. Get in touch with us if you want to know more.

Other Platforms

Flatcar Container Linux Pro is delivered through the marketplaces of major cloud platforms, with platform-specific optimizations on each of them.
  • Azure-tuned kernel
  • Azure Accelerated Networking
  • Built-in GPU drivers
  • HyperV telemetry
  • Commercial support by Kinvolk
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  • Out of the box EKS integration
  • Built-in GPU drivers
  • Commercial support by Kinvolk
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