Add worker pool in different facility on Equinix Metal


    Equinix Metal (EM) supports inter-facility network connectivity. Building on that Lokomotive supports adding worker pool to a Lokomotive cluster in a different facility. The reasons to add a worker pool in a separate pool could be numerous viz. facility-wide HA, node type availability, proximity to the application users, etc.

    This document provides a step by step guide on adding a worker-pool to existing Lokomotive cluster but in a different facility than the control plane.


    • A Lokomotive cluster accessible via kubectl deployed on a supported provider.

    • Access to Equinix Metal console and permissions to edit project-level settings.


    Step 1: Enable “Backend Transfer”

    Go to the Equinix Metal console of your project and enable “Backend Transfer” on it, follow this document for detailed information.

    Step 2: Add private CIDR of the new facility

    Go to Equinix Metal console > IPs & Networks > IPs.

    Now spot the “Management” IP block (CIDR) for the facility of your choice and make a note of the 10.xx.xx.xx/25 range.

    Open your Lokomotive cluster’s lokocfg file and add it to the existing node_private_cidrs list.

    node_private_cidrs = ["", "10.xx.xx.xx/25"]

    Step 3: Add worker pool with a different facility

    Add the following snippet to your existing lokocfg file, under the cluster "equinixmetal" section:

      worker_pool "worker-new-facility" {
        count    = 1
        facility = "<new facility>"

    Step 4: Apply changes

    Execute the following command to apply the above changes:

    lokoctl cluster apply -v --skip-components

    Once the above command is successfully executed, you will have a worker pool in a separate facility connected to your existing cluster.