Developer docs

    This is a developer docs directory. Not meant for end users.

    Spell checking

    As part of the CI process, we run codespell to find potential typos in our code base. This section describes how to configure and use it.

    Running locally

    To run codespell locally, install it either using the official method or using a package manager specific to your Linux distribution.

    With codespell installed, run the following command to run spell checking locally:

    make codespell

    Ignoring specific words

    Sometimes, codespell detects some words as typos, like AKS, ACI or IAM, which cause the CI to report errors. To resolve that, we define our list of ignored words in the .codespell.ignorewords file, which is then passed to codespell via the --ignore-words flag.

    If you find that some word you used should be ignored, add it to this file.

    Ignoring vendored files

    Lokomotive ships some 3rd party code like vendored Go dependencies and Helm charts, which are maintained by other people and may also contain some typos. It is recommended to configure codespell to SKIP those files from checking, instead of FIXING them in our repository, to avoid deriving from upstream code, which may make the update process of this code more difficult in the future (merge conflicts, extensive diffs etc.).

    To skip some file or directory (recursively) from spell checking, add the path to .codespell.skip file. The content of this file is then passed to the --skip flag of codespell.

    Additionally, if time allows, consider fixing the found typos in the respective upstream projects.

    Spell checking git commit messages

    Spell checking of git commit messages is not done as part of the CI process, but it is recommended to do it locally before submitting patches.

    To check for typos in commit messages of your feature branch, you can run the following command:

    git log master..HEAD | codespell -

    It will spell check both commit messages and new code, so it is recommended to first fix typos in the code before running it, to only find typos in commit messages.