Flatcar Container Linux update operator configuration reference for Lokomotive


    This component is a controller that manages node reboots for nodes running Flatcar Container Linux images. When a reboot is needed after updating the system via update_engine , the operator will drain the node before rebooting it.


    • A Lokomotive cluster accessible via kubectl.


    This component does not require any specific configuration.

    An empty configuration block is also accepted as valid configuration.

    Flatcar Container Linux update operator component configuration example:

    component "flatcar-linux-update-operator" {}

    In some cases, you would want to prevent a certain node from rebooting by the operator. To do that:

    kubectl label nodes NODENAME flatcar-linux-update.v1.flatcar-linux.net/reboot-pause=true

    For more details visit the Flatcar Container Linux update operator GitHub repository .

    Attribute reference

    This component does not accept any arguments in its configuration.


    To apply the Flatcar Container Linux update operator component:

    lokoctl component apply flatcar-linux-update-operator

    This component is installed in the reboot-coordinator namespace.


    To destroy the component:

    lokoctl component delete flatcar-linux-update-operator --delete-namespace