Contour Ingress controller configuration reference for Lokomotive


    Contour is an Ingress controller for Kubernetes that deploys the Envoy proxy as a reverse proxy and load balancer.

    The Contour Ingress component has different requirements on different platforms. The reason for this is that an Ingress Controller needs traffic to be routed to their ingress pods, and the network configurations needed to achieve that differ on each platform.


    • A Lokomotive cluster accessible via kubectl.


    Contour component configuration example:

    component "contour" {
      # Optional arguments
      enable_monitoring = false
      service_type      = "NodePort"
      node_affinity {
        key      = ""
        operator = "Exists"
      node_affinity {
        key      = ""
        operator = "In"
        # If the `operator` is set to `"In"`, `values` should be specified.
        values = [
      toleration {
        key      = ""
        operator = "Equal"
        value    = "contour"
        effect   = "NoSchedule"
      envoy {
        metrics_scrape_interval = "30s"

    Attribute reference

    Table of all the arguments accepted by the component.

    Argument Description Default Type Required
    enable_monitoring Create Prometheus Operator configs to scrape Contour and Envoy metrics. Also deploys Grafana Dashboard. false bool false
    node_affinity Node affinity for deploying the operator pod and envoy daemonset. - list(object({key = string, operator = string, values = list(string)})) false
    service_type The type of Kubernetes service used to expose Envoy. Set as “NodePort” on the AWS platform. “LoadBalancer” string false
    toleration Tolerations that the operator and envoy pods will tolerate. - list(object({key = string, effect = string, operator = string, value = string, toleration_seconds = string })) false
    envoy.metrics_scrape_interval Interval at which Prometheus will scrape Envoy. Valid only when enable_monitoring is set to true. - string false


    To apply the Contour component:

    lokoctl component apply contour

    This component is installed in the projectcontour namespace.


    To destroy the component:

    lokoctl component delete contour --delete-namespace