Amazon EBS CSI Driver configuration reference for Lokomotive


    The CSI Driver for Amazon EBS provides a CSI interface used by container orchestrators to manage the lifecycle of Amazon EBS volumes. It provides a storage class for AWS, backed by Amazon EBS volumes.


    • A Lokomotive cluster accessible via kubectl deployed on Equinix Metal.


    To run a cluster with the CSI Driver component, enable_csi needs to be set to true in the cluster block of your lokocfg. The flag and the component should only be used for clusters deployed on AWS.

    Sample config:

    # aws-ebs-csi-driver.lokocfg
    component "aws-ebs-csi-driver" {
      enable_default_storage_class = true
      enable_volume_scheduling     = true
      enable_volume_resizing       = true
      enable_volume_snapshot       = true
      reclaim_policy               = "Delete"
      node_affinity {
        key      = ""
        operator = "In"
        # If the `operator` is set to `"In"`, `values` should be specified.
        values = [
      tolerations {
        key      = ""
        operator = "Equal"
        value    = "storage"
        effect   = "NoSchedule"

    Attribute reference

    Table of all the arguments accepted by the component.

    Argument Description Default Type Required
    enable_default_storage_class Use the storage class provided by the component as the default storage class. true bool false
    enable_volume_scheduling Provision EBS volumes using PersistentVolumeClaim(PVC) dynamically. true bool false
    enable_volume_resizing Expand the volume size after the initial provisioning. true bool false
    enable_volume_snapshot Create Volume snapshots from an existing EBS volume for backup and restore. true bool false
    node_affinity Node affinity for deploying the EBS CSI controller and EBS Snapshot controller pods. - list(object({key = string, operator = string, values = list(string)})) false
    tolerations Tolerations that the EBS CSI Node, EBS CSI controller and EBS Snapshot controller pods will tolerate. tolerations { operator = "Exists" } list(object({key = string, effect = string, operator = string, value = string, toleration_seconds = string })) false
    reclaim_policy Persistent volumes created with the storage class created by this component will have this reclaim policy. This field decides what happens to the volume after a user deletes a PVC. Valid values: Retain, Recycle and Delete. Read more in the Kubernetes docs . Retain string false


    To apply the CSI Driver component, run the following command:

    lokoctl component apply aws-ebs-csi-driver

    By default, the CSI Driver pods run in the kube-system namespace.


    To delete the component, run the following command:

    lokoctl component delete aws-ebs-csi-driver

    WARNING: Before destroying a cluster or deleting the component, EBS volumes must be cleaned up manually. Failing to do so would result in EBS volumes being left behind.