lokoctl component apply

    Deploy or update a component


    Deploy or update a component. Deploys a component if not yet present, otherwise updates it. When run with no arguments, all components listed in the configuration are applied.

    lokoctl component apply [flags]


          --debug                    Print debug messages
      -h, --help                     help for apply
          --kubeconfig-file string   Path to a kubeconfig file. If empty, the following precedence order is used:
                                       1. Cluster asset dir when a lokocfg file is present in the current directory.
                                       2. KUBECONFIG environment variable.
                                       3. ~/.kube/config file.

    Options inherited from parent commands

          --lokocfg string        Path to lokocfg directory or file (default "./")
          --lokocfg-vars string   Path to lokocfg.vars file (default "./lokocfg.vars")