Trusted keys

    Each Lokomotive release is signed by a trusted signing key. Each key is held by a different developer.

    This is the current set of trusted keys:

    Short fingerprint Full fingerprint Owner
    0x61BAD4F7 B7DD BE70 0140 8D7D 7FD0 79D2 7E26 3682 61BA D4F7 @iaguis
    0xF79374C3 9725 A27E 0A93 A153 B798 F292 8DBC FB00 F793 74C3 @invidian
    0xF82B446B 967F A608 7E62 DF09 E22A 3A40 2851 51CE F82B 446B @ipochi
    0xDF48CA1E 17E6 829F 7335 E994 2613 AABE 83E9 8295 DF48 CA1E @surajssd
    0x9B8CA58D 5ACC 9A58 DEED 7E03 9F32 4802 B750 D68F 9B8C A58D @knrt10
    0x5ED4AB27 9DC2 43F5 D917 F138 9C89 9502 111B DE99 5ED 4AB27 @johananl