Azure Arc onboarding configuration reference for Lokomotive


    Azure Arc offers simplified management, faster app development, and consistent Azure services.

    With Azure Arc, you can:

    • Centrally manage a wide range of resources, including Windows and Linux servers, SQL server, Kubernetes clusters and Azure services .

    • Establish central visibility in the Azure portal and enable multi-environment search with Azure Resource Graph.

    • Meet governance and compliance standards for apps, infrastructure and data with Azure Policy .

    • Delegate access and manage security policies for resources using role-based access control (RBAC) and Azure Lighthouse .

    • Organise and inventory assets through a variety of Azure scopes, such as management groups, subscriptions, resource groups and tags.

    This component onboards or removes a Lokomotive cluster with Azure Arc.


    • Microsoft Azure account with permissions to create ResourceGroup and register an application with the the Microsoft Identity Platform.

      Detailed instructions and execution steps are mentioned in the How-to-guide .


    Azure Arc onboarding component configuration example:

    # azure-arc-onboarding.lokocfg
    component "azure-arc-onboarding" {
      application_client_id = "29348jdw-9g23-9kot-21sa-opw129831c2k"
      application_password  = "foobar"
      tenant_id             = "s38kjs4k-x123-89h2-7f21-89uffo109921"
      resource_group        = "azure-arc-lokomotive-resource"
      cluster_name          = "mercury"

    Attribute reference

    Table of all the arguments accepted by the component.

    Argument Description Default Type Required
    application_client_id Application ID that uniquely identifies your application within the Azure identity platform. - string true
    application_password A string value generated that your application can use to identity itself. - string true
    tenant_id Unique ID of the Azure Active Directory tenant. - string true
    resource_group Name or Id of the Azure resource group. - string true
    cluster_name Name of the Lokomotive cluster as provided in the cluster configuration. - string true


    To apply the Azure Arc onboarding component:

    lokoctl component apply azure-arc-onboarding


    To destroy the component:

    lokoctl component delete azure-arc-onboarding --delete-namespace