Using Cloudflare as a DNS provider for Lokomotive


This guide explains how to use Cloudflare as a DNS provider for a Lokomotive cluster.


The following are required:

  • A Cloudflare account with a hosted DNS zone.
  • A Cloudflare API token is required. This token will be used by the Lokomotive tooling to create DNS records on Cloudflare on your behalf.

The token needs to have the following permissions:

  • Zone.Zone - read
  • Zone.DNS - edit


Step 1: Configure Cloudflare as the DNS provider

In your cluster configuration file, configure Cloudflare as the DNS provider:

cluster "packet" {
  cluster_name = "my-cluster"
  dns {
    zone     = ""
    provider = "cloudflare"

Step 2: Deploy the cluster

Set your Cloudflare API token in the CLOUDFLARE_API_TOKEN environment variable:

export CLOUDFLARE_API_TOKEN=6IgMwujC2q92AvSgOJ60aCQD5uo9sA

Deploy the cluster:

lokoctl cluster apply

Additional resources

For full information about how to deploy a Lokomotive cluster, refer to the configuration reference or to one of the quickstart guides .