OpenEBS storage class configuration reference for Lokomotive


OpenEBS has many components, which can be grouped into the following categories.

  • Control plane components - Provisioner, API Server, volume exports, and volume sidecars.

  • Data plane components - Jiva and cStor.

  • Node disk manager - Discover, monitor, and manage the media attached to the Kubernetes node.

  • Integrations with cloud-native tools - Integrations are done with Prometheus, Grafana, Fluentd, and Jaeger.

According to OpenEBS, cStor is the recommended storage engine in OpenEBS.

This component configures the storage class and storage pool claim for OpenEBS the with cStor storage engine.


  • Openebs operator installed and in running state.


For a default component configuration, one need not specify a configuration file.

This component supports configuring multiple storage classes and providing disks to use for storage.

OpenEBS storage class component configuration example:

# openebs-storage-class.lokocfg
component "openebs-storage-class" {
  # Optional arguments
  storage-class "openebs-replica1" {
    replica_count = 1
  storage-class "openebs-replica3" {
    replica_count = 3
    default = true
    disks = [

Attribute reference

Table of all the arguments accepted by the component.

Argument Description Default Type Required
replica_count Defines the number of cStor volume replicas. 3 number false
default Indicates whether the storage class is default or not. false bool false
disks List of selected unclaimed BlockDevice CRs which are unmounted and do not contain a filesystem in each participating node. - list(string) false


To apply the OpenEBS storage class component:

lokoctl component apply openebs-storage-class


To destroy the component:

lokoctl component delete openebs-storage-class