Inspektor Gadget configuration reference for Lokomotive


Inspektor Gadget is a collection of tools (or gadgets) for debugging and introspecting Kubernetes applications using BPF.

This component installs the in-cluster part of Inspektor Gadget. To use the tracing gadgets you need to install the Inspektor Gadget kubectl plugin .

The Kinvolk Web UI has integration with the traceloop gadget. When both the Web UI and Inspektor Gadget components are installed in the cluster, a new “Traces” menu is available on the Web UI which provides access to pod’s traces via traceloop .


  • A Kubernetes cluster accessible via kubectl.

  • Optionally Kinvolk Web UI to use the traceloop integration.


# inspektor-gadget.lokocfg

component "inspektor-gadget" {
  enable_traceloop = true

Attribute reference

Table of all the arguments accepted by the component.


Argument Description Default Type Required
namespace Namespace where Inspektor Gadget will be installed. “kube-system” string false
enable_traceloop Whether to enable traceloop or not. It has a small performance impact on the cluster. - block false


To apply the Inspektor Gadget component:

lokoctl component apply inspektor-gadget


To destroy the component:

lokoctl component delete inspektor-gadget