This is a quickstart guide for building and running Headlamp for development.

Please make sure you read the Contribution Guidelines as well before starting to contribute to the project.

Build the code

Headlamp is composed by a backend and a frontend.

You can build both the backend and frontend by running.


Or individually:

make backend


make frontend

Run the code

The quickest way to get the backend and frontend running for development is the following (respectively):

make run-backend

and in a different terminal instance:

make run-frontend

Build a Docker image

The following command builds a Docker image for Headlamp from the current source. It will run the frontend from a backend's static server, and options can be appended to the main command as arguments.

make image

Shipping plugins in the Docker image

Since the Headlamp server has an option (-plugins-dir) for indicating where to find any plugins, a deployment of Headlamp using the Docker image can mount a plugins folder and point to it by using the mentioned option.

An alternative is to build an image that ships some plugins in it. For that, just create a plugins folder in the Headlamp project directory as the Dockerfile will include it and point to it by default.