Additional Security Options

Flatcar Container Linux has a number of security measures enabled by default, but there’s always more things that can be enabled if desired. These guides provide information on what additional options can be set.

Configuring SSSD on Flatcar Container Linux

Using the System Security Service Daemon to integrate with enterprise authentication services.

Customizing the SSH daemon

How to change the way SSH runs.

SELinux on Flatcar Container Linux

How to configure, enable or disable SELinux.

Flatcar Container Linux hardening guide

Disabling unnecessary services and other hardening options.

Trusted Computing requirements on Flatcar Container Linux

How to check for hardware and firmware support for using Trusted Computing.

Custom certificate authorities

How to add and configure your own CAs.

Generate self-signed certificates

How to create a certificate authority and generate certificates for servers, peers, and clients.

Disabling SMT on Flatcar Container Linux

How to disable Simultaneous Multi-Threading.