After 2 years as a virtual event, FOSDEM is back on the 4th and 5th of February as an in-person event (thought with live streamed talks for those attending remotely).

FOSDEM is a volunteer-organized yearly event that is very community focused, with thousands of open source developers and contributors attending. For many of us, it’s always an opportunity not only to learn about new projects but also to meet old friends and colleagues from the open source world.

This year, our team has the following talks to present at FOSDEM:

Moreover, a few of us will be helping organize the “Image-based Linux and Secure Measured Boot devroom” devroom, drop by for great talks and the chance to get some swag.

If you are looking to reach volks from these projects, find us on Flatcar chat , Headlamp chat , or Inspektor Gadget chat .

Hope to see you there!

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