It’s my pleasure to announce that Vincent Batts has joined Kinvolk as Chief Technology Officer. With a 15 year track record of open source contributions, ‘vbatts’, as most folks know him, is visible across Linux, Docker, Golang and many more communities. His focus centers around standards, packaging, software provenance and distributions. Vincent also knows that open source is about people, and he is well known for his superb ability to work with anyone and everyone. This is especially evident through his leadership in the Open Container Initiative (OCI) , both as a maintainer and on the Technical Oversight Board, and his successful facilitation of projects in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) landscape.

Vincent comes to us from Red Hat, where his work in the Office of the CTO revolved around discovering emerging technologies in the container and cloud native space. His individual contributions and subject matter expertise are visible from the conference stage to enterprise customer briefings.

My new domain, Kinvolk Labs

With Vincent joining, I’ll be transitioning from CTO to leading our new Kinvolk Labs team. At Kinvolk, we’ve built a reputation for solving hard problems by applying our broad expertise at every level of the software stack. Kinvolk Labs is where we’ll be applying that knowledge to improve existing open source projects and creating innovative new ones. I look forward to being able to devote more of my time to Labs projects and engaging with internal and external teams to make meaningful improvements across the cloud native and Linux software stack.

With the founding of Kinvolk Labs and Vincent joining as CTO, Kinvolk is taking its next big steps as a company. As we continue to grow, I and the rest of the Kinvolk team are excited to see how Vincent applies his unique combination of skill set, experience and positive attitude to drive forward our product offerings, services, and community involvement.

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